Bhagi Chaurasia photo

Bhagirath (Bhagi) Chaurasia

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism


Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center
Department of Internal Medicine
Molecular Medicine Program
Iowa Inflammation Program

Postdoctoral Researchers

Himani Thakkar portrait

Himani Thakkar, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Phone: 319-335-0592

Jamal Naderi portrait

Jamal Naderi, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Phone: 319-335-0592

Vinnyfred Vincent photo

Vinnyfred Vincent, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Phone: 319-335-0592

Ajay Anand portrait

Ajay Anand, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: 319-335-0592

Graduate Students

Aaron Tran photo

Aaron Tran

Graduate Student
Phone: 319-335-0592

Undergraduate Students

Anish Kalimireddy portrait

Anish Kalimireddy

Undergraduate Student


Dr. Bhawna Chandravanshi (2021-2022)
Aasthika Das (2020-2023)
Anika Gokhale (2021-2022)
Amanda Johnson (2020-2023)
Alec Ksiazek (2020-2022)
Pratibha Singh (2020-2021)
Ayushi Sood (2020-2022)
Claire Stucky (2020-2021)
Chad Lamar Talbot (2018-2020)
Dr. Li Ying (2016-2020)

Interested in joining our Lab?

We are eager to host undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in lipid- and/or immune-metabolism.

Why come to the University of Iowa?

The University of Iowa is a top 10 (Public University) in terms of biomedical research funding. A recent survey of postdoctoral fellows by the journal The Scientist ranked the University of Iowa as the top research university for postdocs in North America and the fifth-best research institution overall.